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Importance of a properly maintained sewer line

A properly working sewer line is crucial to maintaining the cleanliness and the sanitation of your homes. A sewer line that has not been properly maintained can wreak havoc to your homes and to the community as well. A small malfunction has to be addressed quickly to avoid further damage to the entire pipeline. And you surely would want to get rid of that awful and unsanitary smell that lurks from your drainages.  A faulty sewer line can also contaminate your drinking water. As the broken pipes are left neglected, it corrodes and the sewer liquid and substances may leak . This toxic liquid may find its way into water pipes, contaminating your very water source. A number of devastating water-borne illnesses are up for grabs when you access your water from that contaminated source.  Diarrhea, a common water-borne disease can be very harmful especially to children, it may even cause death.  The germs in your waste products can actually cause illnesses with the slightest contact and transfer. That’s is why it is imperative to have a well-maintained sewer pipeline. It contains a lot of pathogens that are harmful to the human body, and even to your beloved pets as well. A routine inspection, at the same time, is a must to check for any impending damages.  Pipes are very durable and can operate well for a number of years but are also subject to wear and tear.

When to have a Sewer Line Repair

What are the signs that your sewer line needs repair? There are subtle signs that you have to look out for to check if repair is warranted. Pay attention whenever you flush the toilet. Listen and observe closely who the water behaves. How does the water flow, stand and does it make any sound?  If you can hear a gurgling noise whenever you access your toilet, your sewer line might need repair.  Go outside and take a look at the soil on the ground where the pipes run. Does the soil reek of the stench of the sewer? Is it always moist?  if it is there can be a leak in the pipes? If water does not come down to the drain in your tub, sink, or shower, there may be a blockage that could need sewer line cleaning or sewer line repair. Furthermore, if you flush the toilet and the water does not refill itself quickly, there could be something wrong.  It is always a good idea to check your basement if there is small flooding or puddles of collected water where the pipes may be running. It is a strong indicator that you need to call a professional.  One of the obvious reasons is the quality if the very air you breathe. Does it reek of the stench of sewer odor? If it does, call us immediately. Gold Plumbing in League city, TX has vast experience in handling any types sewer line problems and we will fix that broken pipe in no time.

Sewer Line Cleaning

Part of the routine inspection and maintenance of your sewer pipes is having a sewer line cleaning when the need arises. How often do you need to have it cleaned? Well, it depends on how long your pipes have in service to you and your homes. If it has been more than thirty years, it is a good idea to carry out a routine cleaning for your pipes to ensure optimum functioning.  As a good precaution, it is advisable to have it cleaned every 18-22 months.   There are several signs to look out for to gauge if it warrants a good cleaning. The signs range from backing up of fluid into your drain, sink or tub, slow drains, the stench of sewage odors, recurring clogs, water collected on the floors of your basement and you can hear gurgling sounds coming from the pipes.  There are also several reasons why your pipe could get blocked. Tree roots that are growing into it are one of the common problems associated with blockages. Grease from cooking that has been poured down onto the drain will cling like silly to your pipes and cause a big blockage.  Bellied pipe can also cause such nuisance when the soil surrounding the pipe becomes unstable, that part may sink and cause clogging. A trained professional plumber will do an inspection on what really caused the blockage and will determine the course of action from there.

Your reliable sewer line services

Calling a professional at the earliest sign of malfunction for a sewer line repair will save you lots of money and spare you from further inconvenience.  Not to mention, the health hazard that a damaged pipe or poorly maintained system can cause. Our company, Plumbers League city have the know how’s, and special tools to carry out the task efficiently. Our team of licensed and expert plumbers deals with this kind of problems on a daily basis. They know what caused the problem upon inspection and can render the best solution for you. We keep our clients in the loop so that they know the current situation and give them the best options. We have the most affordable rates and we know the importance of having a functioning sewer system. It is every household’s right to a clean home. A sewer system that is working properly is one of the best ways you can keep your home’s sanitation. We strive to still keep our prices low while providing the best service in the area.  Our plumbers are very professional but in case you have any queries regarding your plumbing problems, they will be more than happy to assist you. Call us anytime, our friendly customer service will be more than happy to pick up your call. We will dispatch our team of expert to your house on the scheduled date of your appointment. We are always on time and we aim to have everything fixed right away.